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For Many of Those with Depression It Gets Much Better

The good news for people who have experienced major depression is that many are able to recover and achieve substantial happiness and life satisfaction.

Researchers from the University of Toronto discovered that approximately two in five adults (39

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Many Bisexual Men Fear Stigma Hide Their Identity

Many bisexual men who are currently in heterosexual relationships tend to hide their sexual identity and history. In a new study, researchers at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health and Public Health Solutions examined the

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Fit Families Program Can Help Obese Kids with Self-Image

Not only are obese children at greater risk for physical health problems, but they are also more likely to suffer from poor mental health. Research has shown that they tend to have greater feelings of depression and anxiety as well as lower

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Can You Identify a Criminal Based on Body Odor

A new study has found that our sense of smell may be just as reliable as sight when it comes to identifying a criminal. For example, if you got a whiff of a man’s body odor right as he ran up and snatched your purse, you may be able to pick him

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Study Probes Access to Guns And Risks For Those With Mental Illness

New research examines if federal gun regulations pertaining to mental illness influence the use of guns for violence and suicidality.

Researchers at Duke University studied records of 81,701 adults in Florida’s Miami-Dade and Pinellas counties

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Autism Subtype Tied to Inflammation During Pregnancy

Pregnant women with high levels of inflammation during the second trimester may be at significantly greater risk of having a child with autism combined with intellectual disability, according to a new study at the University of California (UC) Davis

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Satisfied Partners Tend To Minimize Relationship Threats

A new study finds that people in satisfied relationships see tempting people outside of their partnership as less attractive.

Researchers believe this perceptual bias could be a non-conscious method of self-control. The predisposition helps a person

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Air Pollution Tied to Kids’ Mental Health

A new study has found a link between dispensed medication for psychiatric diagnosis for people under the age of 18 and air pollution concentrations.

For their study, researchers at Umeå University in Sweden examined the correlation between

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“Moderation” May Be Deceptive Term for Dieters

Although many nutritional plans advise an individual to eat in “moderation,” the term has a wide range of interpretations. The variety of connotations can result in the advice becoming an ineffective prompt for losing or maintaining

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Brain Imaging Shows Gender Differences on Cooperation

New research has found that men and women have different patterns of brain activity when it comes to cooperating with others.

The new study from researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine could offer some clues into how cooperative

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Do Friends Make Us Wiser Situations Seem to Affect Wise Reasoning

Although we may think of some people as always being wise and having timely insights on most things, new research finds that we actually have different levels of wisdom from one situation to the next.

Interestingly, a person’s perceived wisdom

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Brains of Healthy Sibs May Reveal New Clues to Schizophrenia

Comparing the brains of schizophrenia patients to healthy siblings may reveal significant clues to the debilitating disease, according to a new study at Michigan State University.

The research is the first to look at the neurotransmitters glutamate

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Poor Supervisor Can Undermine Meaningful Work

A new UK study suggests supervisors do not help to foster a sense of meaningfulness at work and in fact, have the capacity to destroy it.

As such, researchers suggest supervisors should tread lightly and allow individuals the opportunity to

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Parents Should Avoid Comments on Daughter’s Weight

New research suggests parents should not discuss weight with a daughter, even if she is at a healthy weight.

Investigators from the Cornell Food & Brand Lab found that the less a parent comments on weight to a daughter, the less likely she is to

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Genetic Test Results By Phone Shown to Not Up Stress

The use of genetic tests for at-risk patients is an emerging form of personalized medicine. While knowing the results of such a test can be beneficial, how such potentially stressful news should be delivered is still being explored.

A new

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