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Here, in detail, is what is included with each of the complete Intelligent Warrior VIDEOS:
Intelligent Warrior Subliminal Video -The Beginning
""" Intelligent Warrior 1 -- The Beginning.

This is the unmatched introductory video that sets the stage for moving your life in any direction you wish. You will feel the power potential of this video -- for yourself AND your bank account -- within 10 seconds of watching it. 99% of the time, it is instant! EARN MORE, LOVE BETTER, ATTRACT THE OPPOSITE SEX, HAVE AMAZING SELF CONFIDENCE, RISE AT WORK, SUCCEED IN BUSINESS -- EVERYTHING IS WITHIN YOUR GRASP -- INSTANTLY!

superior technique
""" The Intelligent Warrior 2 -- Superior Technique

You are powerful, focused, and highly skilled with superior, world-class techniques. In effect, very few people know the secret.

When you watch this video, a feeling starts right in your belly and works its way up and is solid confidence... confidence in the skills you have and the desire to learn more. You have superior techniques and love to train to become the best in the world. You feel good, confident and ARE amazing! You are clearly in complete control...

  • Your skills are phenomenal and you like to train.
  • You have excellent conditioning and are one of the best in the world.
  • You realize the significance of training and train with the best in the world.
  • You have major momentum and are a tremendously significant producer.
  • You rain down techniques like BIG BOMBS!


social potential""" The Intelligent Warrior 3 -- Achieve Your Social Potential

You are having FUN in your life now! You have a hard time keeping a straight face and LOVE to laugh, play and share LOVE with others. You are one of the few people who know the secret.

Begin enjoying a brand new group of loyal, caring friends. Become the approachable, entertaining friend that EVERYBODY wants to be around. You’ll naturally become more popular, charismatic, and respected. Your social circle will grow ten-fold!

All you need to do it watch this subliminal video – and sit back as your friendships rocket!

Intelligent Warrior - Aggressive Manifestation
""" The Intelligent Warrior 4 -- Aggressive Manifestation

You are aggressive, at your peak, really coming forward now, victorious in ANY war of attrition and a beautiful display of "manifestation in action." Very few know -- and even fewer apply -- The Secret of Aggressive Manifestation.

Right Now -- Today -- You Can Apply The Secret of Aggressive Manifestation Subliminal Video To Your Life! You will realize, about 10 seconds into the Subliminal Video, you will realize that You Are in the Right Place at the Right Time!!


unstoppable confidence""" Intelligent Warrior 5 -- Unstoppable Confidence

While listening and watching The Intelligent Warrior 5, commands are flashing at 30 frames per second and professionally mixed with the audio to control your subconscious and make you believe:

  • You are in great shape and like to show people what you are all about.
  • You have pinpoint accuracy, are very precise and virtually unstoppable.
  • You want to win and prove to yourself that you can win -- that your strategy carries you to victory.
  • You train extensively to become complete.
  • You look to impress, have a clear advantage and your income begins to rise to the top.
  • You are in control and you define manifesting abundance and prosperity.
  • You have a strong posture and can stand up to adversity.
  • You are very impressive, have a great base and are extremely pleased with how your life is going.
  • You have diverse skills and take advantage of them all.
  • You are diligent and make all your actions count.
  • You spend all the energy required to succeed.
  • You survive and excel when faced with adversity.
  • You are successful in all scenarios, have no fear and let nothing derail your aspirations.
  • You seize all opportunities with or without notice.
  • You participate with total commitment and have relentless explosiveness and power.
  • You easily stay active and relaxed and are flexible in your approach.

social mastery
""" Intelligent Warrior 6 -- Social Mastery For Men & Women

You are powerful, cocky, audacious, and "in love" with your relationships with others.

The POWER that you will receive here is the main "intangible" that thousands of books have been written about.

Social Mastery is the hardest of all the skills to acquire.

Not anymore!

Today, for the first time ever, the skill of socializing -- combined with a never-before-experienced attitude sequence -- is offered today in a Subliminal Video Format based on an attitude sequence called the Progressive Unconscious Subliminal Hierarchy, or PUSH.

manifest mpl""" Intelligent Warrior 7 -- Manifest Money, Power & Love In 10 Hours

-You become 100% STRONGER, more POWERFUL and "advance without limits" toward manifesting "your success picture" EASY!

-You eliminate obstacles "almost without effort" by engaging "manifestation power" which PULLS your "picture" to you -- FOR YOU!

-You continue to advance DAILY and take on higher levels of competition and have many different ways you can advance -- TODAY!!

-You "spiritual attraction" is energized through daily 20 minute meditations that magnetize LOVE, POWER & MONEY...

- Ideas about ADVANCING come to you FASTER than you can write them down!

- You are "ready-to-go," in CONTROL and do what YOU WANT TO DO!

- You treat each day as the-opportunity-of-a-lifetime to make "your success picture" reality and do whatever-it-takes to keep refining and clarifying it... and you do this RIGHT NOW -- TODAY!



In a double blind study by a local high school, students where asked to choose a color after watching a video. The students watching the "subliminal video" with "red" embedded, chose the color red 100% more than the control group. The control group watched the same video with no embeds.


Behind Every Image Is a Wave of Messages
This flashes across so quickly that you can hardly read it

But every bit of it is picked up by your mind's eye
And integrated into your sub-consciousness.

You might be skeptical and that is Perfectly OK. Who would have ever believed that a video flashing success images and statements at 30 frames per second would get into your subconscious mind and make an impact on it? Who would have ever believed that our subconscious mind CONTROLS everything that happens to us?

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As I mentioned above, these "The Intelligent Warrior Subliminal Video Series" have been selling for $198  and it's been selling like crazy. People are snapping up these unique videos because 99% of the people who watched them found their lives transformed forever. They earn more, love more, and experience more.

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Here are just a few of the ways that the Intelligent Warrior videos will transform your life:

You'll Start each day full of new energy, stamina, power and good humor...

Wealth and material success suddenly starts to seek "you" out (you become a "prosperity-magnet" for attracting money and success into your life.)

Barriers to your success suddenly drop away (those things that seemed too difficult before start to happen effortlessly for you...)

Find the lover of your dreams, or transform your present relationship to unimagined heights...

You smile a lot more because you are happier! (you experience more joy, love and happiness in every area of your life)

Your Social Magnetism will astound you! (instantly you are a more dynamic, exciting, fun-to-be-around individual)

Suddenly and amazingly, new opportunities will appear for you where none existed before (your toughest decision will be choosing from all the options available to you!)

Your confidence skyrockets!

Permanently eliminate laziness, procrastination, fear and self-doubt...and replace it with a newly empowered BELIEF IN YOURSELF!

Good ideas start to flow freely (you'll get an avalanche of brilliant new ideas you can literally "take to the bank!")

You have a level of control over your life like you've never before experienced!

Boost your mental clarity, concentration, intuition and focus!

Skyrocket your enthusiasm and motivation to exciting new levels!

Unlock your subconscious mind and literally begin to "attract" luck, new love, wealth and better health into your life...

And so much more....


Here's a recap of what you get:

  7 Subliminal Videos, normally priced at $97 EACH -- more than 99% off if you order TODAY!

  Each Subliminal Video comes in .AVI format -- simply sit back and watch them on your PC or TV!

  Your dream to manifest things you desire comes true...   not years from now, but TODAY.!!

  When you put success on a blueprint, Subliminal Messages are a key component of seeing, feeling and manifesting prosperity and abundance, NOW!

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  Our guarantee is simple...  
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