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weight-lossYou know there is no magical way to lose weight and stay fit. The only way to do that is through hard work and the right food to eat. But you can give yourself a head start in the process of changing how you think about food, weight loss and healthy eating. By changing how you think you will change the way you act which in turn will influence your health for the better.

Meditation can play a key role in helping to overcome problems of food and to create the body you want to be now. Consciousness, awareness, attention and concentration by way of yoga and meditation helps to reflect these key points.

Here are 50 tips to help you learn some tricks to get your mind ready and ripe for weight loss.

General: These general tips will definitely help you learn to adapt your thoughts to healthy weight loss.

1. Be patient. Losing weight healthily will take some time. Take a break and relax, and you will burn weight.

2. Do not stress. Emphasizing weight loss probably make it harder to lose.

3. Be realistic in setting weight-loss goals, setting unrealistic goals is not healthy for your body or mind. Get your mind on realistic achievements and you will be happier and healthier.

Create a strict routine. Success with any program of weight loss needs you to create a routine and stick to what you eat, when you work-out and how you feel about your progress.

5. Listen to your body. It tells you when you do not eat enough, do not eat too much, or you're pushing too hard.

6. Use your imagination. Our imaginations are powerful things, and you can use your own body image and lifestyle you really want it to be.

7. Take your time. You can not expect to change your mood or your body instantly. be slow, consisten and steady for best results.

8. Be honest with yourself. Being honest can be more difficult or painful, but you can not move forward in changing your body or how you feel about it without having to face some hard truths about yourself.

9. Find out what you really want. The reality is that you may not be prepared to lose weight or get involved in the work needed. Find out what you really want in your life. Knowing that you REALLY want to lose weight can be a very important factor to motivate you.

Mentality: Learn how to change your mentality with these tips.

10. Be always responsible. No one else is responsible for your weight loss. You must be responsible for what you eat and how often you train.

11. Stop making excuses. We all make excuses to try to justify our behavior, but those excuses do no favors when it comes to weight loss. Force yourself to accept your mistakes and work to improve them.

12. Deal with emotions. For many people, food is an emotional thing, and mechanism to deal with other things that are not right in their lives. If you want to change the way you think about your body, you first have to deal with these strong emotions.

13.Strongly decide to be thinner. Sometimes all it takes is to firmly resolve to make a changes in your life. If you want to lose weight, make the choice to do so and let your actions follow suit.

14. Take responsibility. No one is forcing food down your neck or stopping you from the gym. When you realize and take responsibility for your own actions with respect to your health and fitness, you'll be one step closer to achieving your goals.

15. Think clearly. Weight loss, body image and personal health can be emotionally charged issues. When you think about these things, it is important to separate them as best you can from your emotions and make logical decisions, reflected on what is best. For example, our emotions tell us that we need a piece of cake after a hard day, but our reasoning tell us that it will only make you feel bad about yourself.

16. Change your mental programming. Many of us have programmed our brains to think they are fat, unhealthy and never see or feel, the way we want. Thinking this way is often a self-fulfilling prophecy. Change your mental programming and you will be surprised what you are capable of doing to lose weight.

17. Keep a positive attitude. Keeping a positive attitude will help you feel better about yourself, stay motivated and reduce stress - to help you lose more weight.

18. Train your mind to think about what is good for you. If you want to lose weight, concentrate on replacing unhealthy thoughts with healthy ones. After some time, you will have less unhealthy thoughts and be one step ahead to achieve their goals.

Motivation: Give your mind a little motivation for these ideas.

19. Choose a photograph of motivation. Whether you want to look more like you did 19 years ago, or have the physique of someone you admire, choose an image/photo you can see or look at when you are struggling to help keep your motivated on.

20. Smaller set of objectives on a daily basis. Even if your larger goals are important, focusing on smaller, individual goals will give you a greater sense of achievement and change the mentality on a daily basis.

21. Use the support of your friends. There are some things that can change how you feel about yourself and your development like motivation when you have motivating friends around you.

22. Reward yourself. When you've worked hard for something, it is always good to reward yourself. Pamper yourself, but not food-related one, with something you really love.

23. Tell yourself that you are capable of doing it. Change your mindset about weight loss by continuously reminding yourself that no matter how difficult the task may be you can and you will accomplish it.

24. Never stop thinking about your goals. Keep your goals in mind throughout the day and it will help you motivate and keep you on track.

25. Surround yourself with good role models. You wont achieve anything  when you are trying to lose weight if you surround yourself with people who engage in bad habits, and influence you to do the same. Spend time with friends who motivate you to be healthy instead.

26. Have mantra. Find your personal mantra for weight loss, it can be a great way to stay positive and focused on your goals.

27. Look on the bright side. Setbacks do not destroy your motivation to lose weight. Instead, consider them a chance to work harder and prove your commitment to your goals.

28. Create a map to your health and happiness. Spending a little time to achieve your goals, the collection of photos that motivates you, and plannnig your steps along the way can help make the process easier, more real and something that you are more motivated to do every day .

Food:Change your relationship with food by changing your thoughts by using these tips.

29. Think yourself out of bad habits. The bad habits with food does not need to take your weight loss goals. Instead, use the power of your mind to fight these bad habits. It will take some doing, but you can overcome them.

30. Look at food differently. The food is not your enemy or your friend - it is neutral. Learn to look at food as a source nourishment instead of a reward or a way to managing emotions.

31. Picture of what food is for your body. Watching what you eat, what the food you can do for your body and how nutrients helps you to feel.

32. Allow yourself to eat when you're hungry. Losing weight should not mean starving yourself. Listen to your body and eat when your body tells you it is hungry. Just make sure it is really hungry or thirsty, and because of boredom. Similarly, stop eating when full.

33. Eating foods you need. You can search for food when you are trying to lose weight if you can do so in moderation. Keeping things out completely, it could cause you to binge.

34. Be Conscious. Always be aware of what you eat. Eating without thinking while watching television can lead to many unwanted and unnecessary calories.

Self-Image: How you see yourself can make a big impact on how much weight you lose. Try these solutions to feel good about yourself, no matter how much you weigh.

35. Change the way to think about your body. If you think you are a fat person, you are likely to remain so. Train your mind to see yourself as attractive  and you will see more progress in weight loss.

36. Get control of your thoughts. When your thoughts are out of control, it is easy to think of the cruel things about you that will put you down. When you begin to feel the thoughts are moving in the negative direction, get behind the wheel and steer them in a positive direction.

37. Do not look at the numbers. Weight is not everything when it comes to health. Some people look super skinny and feel healthy at one weight while another person might be totally different. We all have our comfort zone, so listen to your body, not the scale.

38. Focus on how you feel. You may not have Met Your ideal weight yet, but continue focusing on changes in how you feel will help your motivation and make you feel good about yourself.

39. Stop reprimanding youself. Negative thoughts will not help you lose weight. If you have a faux pas or not progressing as fast as you wish, never scold youself. You just need to get up the next day and start from a positive perspective.

40. Fill yourself with love. If you want to make the most of your weight loss journey, part of the process is learning to really love youself. Nobody is perfect, so get a grip on the acceptance and appreciating your mistakes.

41. Be proud of your appearance. No matter how much you weigh, you can look good and feel good. Shower, put on perfume, style your hair and wear your favorite clothes. It will change how you see yourself and how others see you as well.

Meditation: Learn how to transform your practice of meditation into a reflection on your personal goals of weight loss with these tips.

42. Imagine eating like you should be. The more you imagine, the more it becomes a reality.

43. Picture yourself thin. Think you can and will be thin and it will motivate and drive to actually get there.

44. Think of activities you will be doing when you are thin. If you are too overweight to do the things you love in this moment, imagine doing those things as if you are already thin.

45. Relax. You can not take control of your thoughts and your mind if you're stressed and distracted. Relax and escape the problems of the day.

46. Imagine using something you've always wanted to wear. A big reason that many people want to lose weight is to fit into the clothes and the style they like and admire. Get a mental picture of how you want to look This will boost up your motivation.

47. Imagine that you love exercise. Trust the power of imagination to help give you the lead you need to be fit and healthy.

48. Do not let negative thoughts interfere. It's easy to think negative thoughts about yourself when you face a big & difficult challenge as losing weight, but make sure to keep these thoughts away while meditating. Replace them with pleasure,joyful & motivational thoughts.

49. Kick bad food habits and all the unhealthy food out of visualization. Do not let your mental fantasies include unhealthy foods and behaviors. You really might want them, but the goal is to train your mind to leave them behind.

50. Breathe deeply and calm down. Once you are calm, relaxed and in control of your body and mind, you will be able to begin to think clearly about who and where you want to be.



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